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Experience and proficiency is our trademark at Fusion Restoration Services and this is a reputation we take seriously and strive to maintain. Adding a new look and new life to your home is what we do with confidence and with pride.


Fusion Restoration Services recognizes the value and importance of structural integrity when it comes to your home. Our roofing services are workmanship you can trust. Roofs, new and replaced, are completed to your satisfaction by first-rate professionals.

Roofing contractor repairing damaged roof on home after recent wind storms, many roofs were damaged

Roof Repairs

Over their life-time, roofs will require corrections and adjustments. Leaks and penetration concerns, missing shingles and tiles, and caulking are some of these common repairs. Fusion Restoration Services provides superior repair workmanship for homeowners, insurance claims and property management.

Roofer when placing of roofing tiles


The failure of a roofing system can be caused by a number of issues. Severe weather, poor workmanship, a lack of proper maintenance, defective materials and aging are the more common causes. Fusion Restoration Services offers excellent, professional tear-off and recovery work for your re-roofing needs.

Inspector inspects a roof vent on a residential structure.

Inspections & Upkeep

We can detect and pinpoint potential roof issues before they become problematic. When discovered in their early stages, roofing concerns are less expensive to address and will substantially extend the life of a roof. Our technicians can help you protect the value and efficiency of your roof with regularly scheduled semiannual or annual inspections.


Siding installed by Fusion Restoration Services protects the exterior of your home, providing curb appeal that is cost effective and energy efficient. Siding is low to no maintenance, which means you will never need to paint again. A wide assortment of textures and profiles are available when choosing James Hardie® siding. James Hardie® is also the only fiber cement manufacturer whose selection includes all that is needed for a full wrap house.

Fusion Restoration Services is a supplier of James Hardie® fiber cement products. Three million plus homes throughout the United States and Canada are protected by the innovative quality, beauty and durability of James Hardie® siding. The beauty and value of this product is clearly superior to all other brands.

The resilient fiber cement composition of James Hardie® siding is lightweight, It is resistant to water, salt spray, termites, fire, and UV rays. The manufacturing process of fiber cement siding does not involve asbestos, formaldehyde, nor fiber glass. It will never rot, crack of delaminate. Color Plus® Technology allows this siding to hold paint three times longer than wood siding. Additionally, these products are considered green and sustainable by professionals in the industry.

Proficiency and credibility are two words repeatedly associated with James Hardie® fiber cement products. James Hardie ® siding has proven to be a high performance product and an exceptional alternative to vinyl siding with 20 years of experience in the field, in markets throughout the world.

Hardie Plank® Lap Siding

 – protection in every climate

 Hardie Shingle® Siding

– as a primary or complementary siding

Hardie Panel® Vertical Siding

– helping to achieve a board-and-batton effect

Hardie Trim® Boards

– unmatched durability for corners, windows, columns, etc.

Hardie Soffit ® Panels

 – available in vented and non-vented

Artisan® Exterior Design

 – the newest architectural grade line

ColorPlus ® Technology

– holding paint three times longer than wood products

 Weather Barrier

 –a superior product for the first layer of defense in weather protect


The perfect window is aesthetically pleasing while improving property value. It serves as protection against inclement weather conditions and significantly improves climate control in your home. Windows and their professional installation are not only our business, they are our priority.

Selecting the perfect windows for your home is no small task. The professionals at Fusion Restoration Services are experts at customizing windows to meet your needs, including your budget. We look forward to helping you confidently choose your new windows.

Carefully selected windows are a wise and a secure investment any time. In making your choice, we strongly recommend that you consider three essential elements: Visual appeal, thermal efficiency and all-weather performance.

These qualities are the reason we sell and install ONLY double–paned thermal performance windows. Double-pane windows come in styles pleasing to any architectural preference. They reduce maintenance and save you valuable cleaning time while multitasking as efficient energy savers. These features make them environmentally friendly as well. And since you look at your windows as much as you look through them, we feel every detail is significant to your selection. This is why we are committed to helping you choose the window that is best suited to your needs.

Choosing The Right Window

Construction Worker Installing New Windows In House

Stylish windows today have trim, sleek lines that present a well-designed impression, emphasizing the view itself, not the window. In choosing the perfect window you also want to be sure frames and sashes have a carpentered look. Locks and hardware should complement the window and will not otherwise draw attention to themselves.

Along with style and configuration, there are a variety of window functions to consider. A variation of ventilation and operating needs can determine which window is best suited for each room’s purpose. For example, while a casement or slider window may be best suited over a kitchen sink, a frame using tempered glass would be smarter in a bathroom or second-story room for additional safety. Laminated glass provides extra security while triple-pane glass may be most efficient for rooms that receive full sun most of the day.

Options involve additional expense. However, our basic window provides features that cost nothing extra.